About The Organizers

Vernon Leon works as a freelance American Sign Language & Spanish Interpreter.  Originally from New York City, he relocated to Jacksonville in November of 2017. While a lifelong vexillologist in spirt, he became a formal member of NAVA in 2009 and attended his first NAVA meeting at NAVA 44 in Los Angeles.  Additionally, he completed his first flag research and presentation at NAVA 49 in Ottawa.  He is beyond delighted to be a first time organizer of a NAVA meeting and proud to do so in Florida.

Amber Atteberry is a lifelong resident of St. Augustine. She graduated Flagler College in 2017 with a degree in Public History and is active in theatre and reenactments.  Her first meeting was NAVA 49 in Ottawa.  We are grateful to have her as one of the co-organizers for NAVA 56.

Gustavo Tracchia is a distinguished vexillologist and former member of NAVA for almost 40 years, having attended his first meeting at NAVA 15 in Ottawa in 1981.  He has served several officer positions including vice-president, treasurer, and editor among others.  He has published widely on various flag-related research and we are fortunate to have him serving as our current advisor to the organizing committee.

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