Call for Papers

NAVA invites all members to submit abstracts (3,000–4,000 characters) of papers to be presented at NAVA 56, by February 28, 2022. A selection committee consisting of NAVA’s second vice-president and at least two other NAVA members will judge the abstracts and select the papers to be presented. Papers will be judged equally for their scholarly content, their clarity, and their contribution to the advancement of vexillology. Selected candidates must submit a full version of their paper AND PowerPoint file (if applicable) by April 30, 2022. All presenters eligible under the Captain William Driver Award Guidelines. Note: Presenters who have not provided a full version by the deadline will be deleted from the meeting schedule.

Send abstract, final paper (in Word format), and PowerPoint file to: NAVA Second Vice President Stan Contrades at

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