Driver Award

The Captain William Driver Award was established in 1979 for the best paper presented by a NAVA member at the North American Vexillological Association’s annual meeting. It honors Captain William Driver, who christened the United States flag “Old Glory”. The award consists of a certificate and an honorarium of US$250; the honorarium is usually underwritten by the Association’s organizational members.


  1. The executive board determines the recipient of the award based on the criteria below. At its discretion, the executive board may determine that no presentation delivered at an annual meeting has met the criteria for the award and decline to give an award that year.
  2. The criteria for the award, in descending order of relative importance, are:
    • The presentation should be an original unpublished contribution of research or theoretical analysis on a flag or flags resulting in an advancement of knowledge in the field of vexillology.
    • It should be characterized by thoroughness and accuracy.
    • It should be well organized and, as appropriate, illustrated.
    • It should be delivered well, i.e., interesting for the audience as well as informative, such that it is easily comprehensible.
  3. No presentation may be considered for the award unless a complete written text is submitted in advance of its delivery.
  4. No individual may receive the award more frequently than once every three years.
  5. Current members of the executive board are ineligible for the award.
  6. If at all possible, the award shall not go to more than one recipient (except for joint presenters of a single paper). In extraordinary circumstances, another presentation may be recognized with the designation “Honorable Mention”.
  7. All papers presented at NAVA meetings, whether or not eligible for the award, are subject to the right of first consideration for publication by the Association as outlined in the Publications Policy.
  8. These guidelines should be made available to presenters in advance of the annual meeting.
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