Getting There

The two most common airports to get to St. Augustine is the Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) and Orlando International Airport (MCO). Jacksonville is approximately forty miles north of St. Augustine, and Orlando is approximately one hundred and ten miles south of St. Augustine.
This is an opportune time to create a family vacation with a NAVA meeting as part of the itinerary! There are a number of car rental services, airport shuttles, and rideshare programs, including Uber and Lyft.

Airport Shuttle Service

Airport Shuttle of St. Augustine

All information below is from their website and subject to change.
For full details please visit

24 hour advanced notice to book online. Under 24 hours call 904-825-0004 to book
Door to Door Service
  • Available 3:30am to Midnight.
  • No stops from/to your address.
  • Jacksonville Airport
  • Call or email for other airports or transportation services
  • $5 for each additional persons.

Cost: $105.00
Does not include gratuity

Shuttle Service
  • Available 8am to 5pm shared ride.
  • Book your time, but flexibility is required.
  • Pick up or drop off from convenient locations.
  • Jacksonville Airport
  • Covers up to 1 person, add $5.00 for each additional person, up to 6, in the same party.

Cost: $90.00
Does not include gratuity

  • We recommend to book time 3 hours in advance for departing flights.
  • Up charges may apply for outlying areas. Notified via email with additional fare cost to be paid. Rates based on general downtown St. Augustine area.
  • Please read services page for additional information
  • Cancellation policy – We require a 48 hour cancellation notice.
    Any cancellations over 48 hours is a 10% fee.

JAX to St. Augustine

Uber or Lyft would cost approximately $55-65 (not including surge pricing or traffic), taxi services $140-$170.

MCO to St. Augustine

Uber or Lyft would cost approximately $100-$130 (not including surge pricing or traffic).

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