All presentations are subject to change

John Andrews
The Flags of William Shakespeare

Peter Ansoff
The Sign Their Banners Bore: The Pine Tree Flag in the American Revolution

Bard Cosman
Wit Attitude: Design Allusion in the Predominant Black Lives Matter Flag

Zachary Gardiner
Symbols on Colonial Flags

Graham Houser
Flags in the Classroom of a First Year Teacher

Steve Knowlton
Boycott and backlash: The political reaction to flag use during the “Great American Boycott”/”Dia sin immigrante” of 2006

Dave Martucci
Episode 1: The Case of Estajoca and the Flag of the State of Muskogee

Robert Sarwark & Kieran Denny
Monsters in the Wind: The Dragon Motif as Central Vexillological Device

Laura Scofield
Flags Happen

Stan Contrades
Workshop: Flag Storage

Chris Maddish
Machias Seal Island

Special Presentations

Roger Smith
Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags”, 1861-Present

Charles Tingley
St. Augustine Flags Throughout the Ages

Alison Simpson
Florida’s First Muster, and the Controversy and Conservation of Florida Flags

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